‘Soviet Party’ trip will be interesting to all people from ex-Soviet countries, as well as for the people abroad. 

We managed to recreate the unique atmosphere of 1970-80’s and provide full spectrum of SPA services as well as organize parties and events.
Government Dacha N2 offers unique space for your parties and events for up to 60 people. Apartment rooms + SPA for up to 13 people. For more info go to: www.sanatorij.lv

We are always open for any kind of collaboration!

“Amber Shore Sanatorium” offers the following to its visitors:
- Conference hall for up to 260 people
- SPA and recreational facilities
- Concert hall with the large stage for parties and all sort of events for up to 260 people.
- Gym and an open tennis court
- Sumerhouse for banquets and parties
- Catering and menu for the guests